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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; June 15, Nike company on the success of the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court of the court to reverse the verdict. Court of Final Appeal found that Nike's advertising in the round lines of "black stick villain" image did not infringe Zhu Zhiqiang, "Matchstick villain" of copyright, made changes to the first instance verdict. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; NIKE (Nike) company to organize activities and promotion of its new product, a lot of advertising in the media. Ad uses a head for the Retro jordans for sale black sphere, no face, "black stick villain" cartoon characters of the body trunk, limbs and feet constituted by the black lines. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; domestic famous mob Mr. Zhu Zhiqiang (small pseudonym) believes that these advertising Nike released without their permission to use their "little series of works" in the "match stick villain "image, a violation of its copyright, the Nike company to court. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; first-instance court found that Nike infringement. Should immediately stop ad cheap jordans for sale mens vertising and compensation for economic losses of 300,000 yuan Zhu Zhiqiang. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since then, Nike has refused to accept the decision, appeal to the Beijing High People's Court. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; High Court held that, "matchstick villain" and "black stick villain" Notwithstanding the similarities, but mainly in the same part of the public domain, unprotected part, The difference in part reflects the independent creation of each author. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; therefore, Nike should cheap foamposites not bear tort liability.weather gets colder, the wind blowing more cold, motorcycle tide is already serving time on stage. Every year this time, the locomotive wave are the most sought after fashion styling, neat, stylish and wind, who does not like to dress as cool tide child! This winter converse of Jack Purcell Moto Jacket series to serve as a locomotive design inspiration, with black and white solid color shoes are the best shoes with motorcycle clothing. This reservation iconic shoes openings laugh toe to Cheap air jordans for sale the classic Jack Purcell Mid prototype, with more fine details to fight the high-end shoes. Uppers scallop design follows common design elements on motorcycle clothing, shoes add a touch of fun to design, highlight heel design stitching, thick winter style to create unique personalized shoes. within the high-end leather and canvas uppers in combination, Converse Jack Purcell Moto Jacket perfect interpretation of the modern hand-shoe technology. Rubber outsole make the shoes more light and soft and comfortable, Retro jordans for sale with the same color of the design of the shoe show shoes simple aesthetics, suede bottom shoes in the winter to add texture, while Jack Purcell reflects the high-end quality. The Jack Purcell Moto Jacket Series will be available both white and black colors to choose from. Converse Jack Purcell Moto Jacket series of shoes will be assigned to from October 31, 2014 at Converse retail outlets UNIK, X-SNEAKERS Converse's official website, and at the same time on sale. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region only in ma cheap jordans for sale inland China, Hong Kong and South Korea for sale on the domestic suggested retail price of 799 yuan.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] In March the United States, "Fast Company" magazine's Top 50 list of innovative companies, the veteran sports giant Nike (stores) got into the top spot. Nike Why can beat Amazon, Google, Apple, Pinterset other Lord overshadowed by new and old technology company was awarded the top spot it? Reasons "Fast Company" magazine gives Nike in 2012 two technically Innovation Cheap air jordan 12 ovo - New technologies Flyknit uppers and movement of digital products Nike Fuelband wristband. In the "Fast Company" in the eyes of editors, Nike Language as a traditional industry, the staff million of the company, capable of continuous time in just one year to complete two important technological breakthrough, particularly rare. And behind these technological innovations, we can see, this veteran of the Nike sports giant is to escape the traditional garment industry, once owned, transformed into a concept of mo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping tion technology companies. Because of these two technologies and related products in China for sale are not synchronized, so that domestic consumers will probably feel very strange, so the first to introduce them now. First, some traditional products Flyknit uppers weaving techniques. The technology for maximum effect is weight loss can help sports shoes for the foot to provide a better package, but these features are not Flyknit really impress their place. Flyknit biggest innovation lies in its traditiona cheap jordans online l mode of production of a major innovation: the new technology Flyknit lets designers simply write your own designs computer program, then the machine will automatically use the line of cars out of shoes. For Nike, this means that the supply chain to make significant adjustments, Nike running shoes designer Rob Williams in an interview designboom interview revealed, this adjustment has not been easy, Nike has also experienced "a learning process", but finally completed this transition in the management of full s cheap jordan shoes for men upport. to find out about Flyknit, come to talk about, "Fast Company" mentioned another important product - sports wristband Nike Fuelband. Fuelband Nike sport among highly digitized route to the step. For Nike, this product completes the company's own positioning a subversion. Before Fuelband release, Nike digital sports roadmap is not clear. In 2006, Nike has worked with Apple to launch the Nike + iPod. But when the partnership was not considered sports digitized it, but with the iPod gimmick to promote sales of running shoes. Therefore, product architecture design, the sensor must be placed in his shoes, would like to use this thing, you must buy a pair of Nike + running shoes. However, from Fuelband beginning, all this has changed. Because Fuelband is a completely independent product sports shoes and sports apparel outside. No longer will it with their Nike sneakers bound past, digital products are no longer for sneakers accessories icing on the cake, but have "an independent person (stores) grid," This is a landmark change has, meaning Nike is no longer confined to their traditional business of sports apparel, digital products into its new components. In two technical innovation of Nike's have a preliminary understanding, the last to talk about how to understand Nike win. start-up companies often barefoot afraid of the wearer, it is possible to make some innovation by surprise, but the big companies face is another situation. Language for Nike such a traditional industry, annual revenue of $ 23 billion, more than 40,000 employees of the company, any reform is not beating can be done casually. But Nike did it, Flyknit is a revolution in the upstream supply chain, Fuelband is a subversion of Nike shoes and apparel business does best. For many Internet entrepreneurs with the fearless, able to reform his own life in a radical way of completion of innovation may be more worthy of admiration? Not every big company has such courage and boldness. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)

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