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classic sports brand Adidas originals recently to make a big fuss in the annual flagship shoe ZX type flux, for this season to create a new "ballistic woven" series. Designers choose the lightweight and durable ballistic nylon material constitutes a minimalist shoe body, and the vamp woven texture, and the same color stripe logo and followed by fixation so as to increase the texture and the stability of the shoe body, finally carrying white comfortable running shoe show. The series will be on September 1st at Adidas Originals designated stores, there are deep blue, black and gray three optional. Source: HBCapsule x New Balance MT580 availa cheap jordans for sale ble information 2014-08-21 15:18:57 & nbsp; New Balance and Capsule earlier work together to create a joint section of a pair of MT580, using denim to create this pair of shoes, let shoes tide smell and quite perfect fusion of minimalist style, coupled with superb technology and sophisticated materials, won the favor of many Sneaker. Prior to the first wave on August 9 on sale in some stores is completed, probably due to excessive enthusiasm makes New Balance decided to additional sale in other stores again this shoe, like a friend to look at it. Capsule x New Balance MT580 "Canadian Tuxedo" expected release date: 08/23/14 expected sale Retro jordans for sale price: $ 160 & nbsp; adidas Ultra Boost "All Black" is now on sale 2015-05-20 11:31:57 Two days continued to introduce the adidas shoes popular for its "strongest running shoes" adidas Ultra Boost the launch of a new color, and Ken Ye. West himself is pro with a full white color, visible on its love, today the network again exposed the new color, the designer through the whole plain black, with a white Boost in the end, a sense of color contrast is very clear, in black and white color circle dominant trend today, I believe it will be given hot pursuit, It is reported that the shoe is now on sale, and interested friends may miss it Cheap air jordans for sale . & nbsp; NikeiD add cork element 2014-04-02 15:30:33 & nbsp; from Nike LeBron 10 & quot; Cork & quot; after the advent of cork element in the shoes became popular and the use of popular shoe fans welcome. This month you can start custom Nike Air Force 1 shoes with cork elements in NikeiD, including Nike Air Force 1 High and Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium, including two shoes for your choice. I believe the elements involved in the cork can make this classic shoes again glow charming glory. & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike SB Dunk Low "Fast Times" tour map 2015-02-25 14:26:19 Recently, Nike and Melbourne's famous skateboard shoe Fas cheap foamposites t Times to launch a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low "Fast Times", this shoe uppers with black synthetic leather and denim mix, laces, midsole and upper logo is white outsole using tendon outsole increase wear resistance, while at the foot of the tongue embroidered with the words "Fast Times" to show their identity. It is reported that this pair of Nike SB Dunk Low "Fast Times" will be officially on sale Feb. 28, below we bring this shoe Photo tushang. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; : "I found Lin Dan's shoes."." "I have a Lin Dan's shoes and I want to buy another one." "I got Lin Dan's racket."." Since 17, Lin Dan won Beijing Olympic , badmi cheap jordans for sale mens nton men's singles champion, and excitedly will "three treasures" - two , a shoe racket threw the audience after the three baby "whereabouts" as many netizens and fans eager to ask the topic, people offer 500 thousand buying heavily. At the same time, nearly 100 people were lucky to win Lin Dan's championship shoes. Lin Dan, a pair of sweaty champion shoes, had one thing that nearly 100 people were lucky to get. No wonder some netizens issued a question: "is that too exaggerated?" Does Lin Dan belong to the centipede? I'm afraid Lin Dan himself did not expect, their own throwing shoes move, can cause such a big response, s Retro jordans for sale et off a "shoe search" battle". Estimate he did not expect more, own a pair of taste not too wonderful "second-hand shoes", unexpectedly somebody opens 500 thousand high price "to stir up shoes."". Lin Dan can be called the Olympic Games so far shot (feet out)? The high value of hundreds of thousands of athletes, "Bao shoes" didn't want to go out. If the shoes so valuable, should not be thrown away. those who vowed to claim "treasure shoes" in the hands of the people, in addition to real lucky, the others each have their own ideas, of course, do not rule out individual trying to fish in troubled waters have an ulterior motive. But cheap jordans online I believe that most people do not have malicious intentions, they just follow a joke, join in a fun, just fun. Few people take "fried shoes" seriously, and even few people take 500 thousand seriously. maybe someone would say, "is the" shoe stir "behavior very boring? I don't think so?? As long as everyone gets entertainment and relaxation, it's harmless to play such a joke. Sports, like life, are not only hard work and dedication, but not only serious and serious, but also a little humor and a little fun. Even sometimes a little bit of "bad" in good faith makes you happy and entertaining and adds a touch of relaxation and freedom t Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping o your life. "Fried shoes" is just an entertainment, not too serious. When everyone has played enough, the sensational champion shoes will disappear. 〈)?? Wenzhou shoes alliance in the EU to levy import from leather shoes and children's shoes China two-year 16.5% anti-dumping tax expires when the European Commission announced, will be "on the Chinese sunset review and Vietnam shoes anti-dumping measures". Guangdong footwear anti-dumping Union yesterday launched "Guangdong shoe anti-dumping union officially launched today, we will do our best for the Guangdong shoe enterprises to actively respond to the" sunset ", and said t cheap jordan shoes for men he protest to the collection of the sampling survey in October 18th before the hands of lawyers, to respond to the collective!" Guangdong shoes anti-dumping union president Wu Zhenchang attitude is very determined. review situation favorable for Chinese shoes enterprises 20 days before was submitted to protest "the main" to completely abolish the anti-dumping duty ")CAPRICORN: Lebron - James (December 30, 1984) the ambitious practitioner Capricorn is usually robust, extraordinary endurance, strong willed, have the concept of time, there is sense of responsibility, attaches great importance to the authority and rep Cheap air jordan 12 ovo utation, the leadership is a, sui generis, another organization ability is good. Although sometimes for the success of this goal, will also use some cruel and ruthless strategy, but Capricorn is still a sense of justice. Them adept at diplomacy, active, energetic, determine the target; a strong curiosity and independent spirit, can calm in the face of crisis, but not good at quick fix. The "little emperor" is such a person, he has been in constant pursuit. After entering the League to become a star player, followed by superstar, first union, even is the first person in history... And he is also willing to put effort into the goal, he very strict about their physical and technical training and continue to study new tactics and style of play. Superman's body + technology + exquisite clear goal, what James is not successful? LIBRA: Kevin Durant (September 29, 1988) - cool killer Libra is synonymous with calm and rational, this constellation of people calm and stable performance. The presence of Durant is a cool killer, he can be the whole game face expressionless, but in your head cut 45 very, may also calmly investment into a winner. He is also known as NBA "stable male", a game, you are difficult to let him score no more than 20 points. Since entering the league, Freddy's style of play is always elegant, but also the lack of some aggressive and creative, but on the season Adu has made a great change, I believe that he will become more powerful. Taurus: Duncan - Tim (April 25, 1976) low-key man of action Taurus is a conservative type of sign, don't like change, stability is his life attitude. Taurus will not haste, only patience, eat bitter bitter, for people is their portrayal and they were very stubborn, once decided the matter, do not want to do any change. Seen Duncan play, and he will feel "Taurus" is a perfect match. "The stone" quiet and wordless, with amazing perseverance and endurance, hard work, practical work hard. He looked as though he had no desire, but deep down he hid his purpose, and insisted on his own philosophy of life. 17 years as one day, the players come and go, but Duncan still stand there, rock steady, make people feel at ease. Gemini: Allen - Allen Iverson (June 7, 1975) born alone in Gemini men always take it leisurely and unoppressively, courteous and accessible. The never-ending thirst for knowledge and curiosity, they pushed the pace of life and encourage them to pursue and explore. However, Gemini men rarely have time to achieve this. This is a fascinating and somewhat different color. Like changing, not like 〉

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