About Our Business

Luxurious Stainless Steel Inc. is a mainly professional manufacturer of Stainless Steel products in Brooklyn, New York. With over 10 years development, now, have full strength to manufacture most kinds of stainless steel products in different specification.

We are presently located at 265 45th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220, where we have our factory and showroom.

We now manufacture our own line of Stainless Steel Doors & Windows, Stairway Handrail, Driveway Gates, Balcony Fence, Walk-in Gate, Awnings, etc. We serve our customers with our high quality products at affordable prices and integrity services. Stainless steel materials not only insure safety and elegance, but enhance your home safety and are maintenance free.

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Please choose your interested product:

  •  Stainless Steel Door
  •  Driveway Gate
  •  Stair Handrail (exterior)
  •  Awning
  •  Window Guard
  •  Enter Gate
  •  Store Front
  •  Railing (interior)

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